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Join Jodi every Monday at Salt Therapy and every Wednesday and Thursday evening at In Your Space Yoga Collective!


Join Jodi for Salt Room Yoga! Come practice while enjoying all the benefits of salt therapy – improved respiration, increased immunity, detoxification, and decreased anxiety.

7:30pm Salt Glow

This dynamic class provides pranayama (breath work), floor and standing postures, vinyasa flow, and lots of FUN! We will explore postures throughout the practice, challenging yourself in a playful and non-judgemental way, cultivating mindfulness through movement and joy! Ideal for all levels with a sense of fun, including beginners! $30 drop in, 4 person maximum. Please pre-register via info@wildfyre.ca.


Join Jodi every Wednesday at In Your Space Yoga for hot classes!

6pm Hatha

A 60 minute invigorating practice based on balancing the sun and the moon, the yin and yang, the within and the without. Each class will be different depending on the moon cycle, the season, and the overall feel of the day, but will always combine floor, seated, and standing postures, stillness and movement. $15 drop in, 15 person maximum.

7:30pm Yin

Yin is by far one of the most fruitful forms of yoga. In this 60min class, we will focus on deep stretching, exploring floor postures held for sustained periods of time. This allows the deep connective tissues to stretch, and also allows you to focus on breath and meditation. This is a deliciously luxurious practice, and you will leave feeling like rubber! $15 drop in, 15 person maximum.


Join Jodi every Thursday at In Your Space Yoga!

6pm Restorative

Restore the mind, body, and soul with this healing practice! Designed for those recovering from injury or illness, in need of a break, or some extra time with themselves, this is a practise of love and support. Utilizing all of the yoga props – straps, blankets, bolsters, and blocks – you will learn how to give yourself the loving support you need as you move through life. $15 drop in, 8 person maximum.

7:30pm Yang Yin

Take an hour to balance out your yang and yin! We will spend the first half of class moving through a more yang, or strong, inspired practice, and then spend the last half of class moving through a more yin, or quiet and still practice. During yin yoga, all postures are floor asana, held for extended periods of time to really stretch out deep connective tissues and quiet the mind, allowing you to focus on breath. $15 drop in, 15 person maximum.

If you would like Jodi to teach Yoga, Faerie Flow, or specialized Wellness Workshops at your studio, corporation, or school, please contact us for scheduling and rates.