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The Four Elements





Wild Fyre’s Four Elements


Earth, Air, Fire, Water, all working together with Spirit to bring about transformation. Wild Fyre’s Four Elements have come together to offer an experience of sound, movement, breath, energy healing, manifestation, and overall healing. Please join us for our Moon Ceremonies every new and full moon. More details can be found here.

Charlotte Brennan – Earth


Charlotte is a mom of two bright and delightful boys who teach her so much about life and unconditional love every single day. After the death of her eldest brother in 2010, curiosity and the quest for personal growth were driving factors leading her to the study of Reiki and Energy Healing. Instantly, Charlotte realized this was the path she had been searching for, for many years. In the midst of her studies she received her own diagnosis which sent her on a deeper journey of healing and self-discovery. Charlotte is an Usui Reiki Master/Teacher, with her Level II in Karuna Reiki all rooted together with the remembering and awakening of the Shamanic practitioner deep within her bones.

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Kam Kellestine – Air


Kam Kellestine is a musician, artist, athlete and spiritual naturalist that filters every aspect of themselves through the idea of sustainability; not just in the ecological sense of the word, but the personal sense as well. Their project “Hunter Gatherer,” is an instrumental duo that plays powerful, and provocative music which seeks to reach and draw out the inner self; their sounds can be akin to an exorcism, and that process has brought Kam to create the intuitive ambient music that will drive Wild Fyre’s practices alongside Jodi, Rebecca and Charlotte. In his time outside of music Kam continually seeks to expose himself to new practices and methods, adapting, and evolving, pushing themselves to grow through whatever channels open up, be it kickboxing, hiking, exploring meditation, fasting etc, being a learned and experienced human is their driving force in life and sustainability is their goal for themselves and for all.

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Rebecca Ogilvie – Fire


Rebecca is a yoga teacher, writer and world traveller who spreads sparkle everywhere she goes. Her background in all forms of dance bring strength and grace into her yoga practice while the experience of living out of a backpack for months on end brings a compassionate understanding of humanity into her teachings. Rebecca believes in kindness, connection, bravery and above all, Love (always).

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Jodi Cronyn – Water


A Tantrika is defined as “a woman who isn’t defined by anything, living compassionately, lovingly, blissfully, and fearlessly”, and this is something Jodi strives towards in her own life – to live boldly, openly, powerfully, and completely. Inspiring and encouraging others to live freely and authentically is one of Jodi’s greatest passions in life. This began in her younger years, discovering the power of expression through dance, and has continued on in her yoga and Nia practise. Movement and the flow of energy have always been inspiring and revitalizing, leading Jodi to take an interest in the way the body functions on all levels. She has since taken many courses in Energy Healing, became a Registered Massage Therapist, a Yoga and Nia Teacher, and continued to study Tantra, deepening her knowledge of the human and spiritual experience.

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