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Massage Therapy



Registered Massage Therapy is a modality that works with the joints and soft tissues of the body, helping to release tension and soreness, prevent injury, recover from injury, and correct alignment. With over 2500hrs of training in anatomy, pathology, remedial exercise, and hands-on treatment, you can feel safe in the hands of an RMT. Sessions take place on a massage table. You will privately get undressed to your level of comfort, and then lie down and cover up on the table. The therapist will then enter, only uncovering the parts of the body being works on Рback of legs, front of legs, back, neck, shoulders, and arms. Glutes, abdomen, and chest are considered sensitive areas, and will be treated only if intervention is required and full consent is obtained, and the utmost care will be taken with draping to respect your privacy. This is a hands on modality, with lotion being used to aid in muscle manipulation. Though discomfort may be felt in areas of tension, it is important to remember that Massage Therapy should not be a painful experience. Jodi has over 3 years of experience in this field, with a growing number of returning clients every month!


30 minute – $65

45 minute – $75

60 minute – $90

90 minute – $130

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